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Music for Little People
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Teen & Adult Crash Course
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About Us

The Belles School of Music offers programs for children of all ages and adults.

Ages 1 ½ to 3, with parent participation

It’s the first joyful step to a lifetime journey into music!

  • Singing
  • Instrument Playing
  • Eurhythmics
  • Keyboard Geography
  • Movement
  • Musical Games


Ages 4-5, with parent participation.

A delightful experience for Mozarts of the future:

  • Piano / Keyboard Playing
  • Rhythm Activities
  • Expressive Singing
  • Instrument Playing
  • Musical Games
  • Reading Readiness
  • Developing a Sense of Pitch
  • Music Appreciation

Music for Little People
Ages 5 – 7, with parent participation.

Bring out the musical talent in your child through our unique Russian-Japanese method:.

  • Piano/Keyboard Playing
  • Music Reading
  • Ear Training
  • Solfedge Singing
  • Ensemble Participation
  • Voice Training • Elementary Theory
  • Composing

Adventures in Keyboard
Ages 8 – 12, parental participation recommended.

Tradition on a NEW note. Piano/Keyboard instructions for the child of the 21st Century.

  • Piano / Keyboard Study
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Sight Reading
  • Pitch Recognition
  • Melodic & Rhythmic Dictations
  • Voice Training • Intervals & Harmonization
  • Ensemble & Solo Playing
  • Musical Theory

Teen & Adult Crash Course
All ages and levels.

It’s never too late to learn to play the piano the way you’ve always wanted to!
Whether you want to play rock or Bach, this is a fast, effective course that teaches you to play your kind of music, starting with your first lesson.
Accelerated Individualized Instructions.

  • Classical
  • Popular
  • Modern
  • Jazz

Call us at (914) 961-5511 to schedule a
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Intermediate Level
Follows Beginner level courses.

The students explore new rhythms and styles, learn to play a mix of classics and pop for the fun of it, master the fundamentals of theory, and improve their piano techniques.
The level and sense of accomplishment in this course motivates and deepens the student’s love for music.

Advanced & Performance Levels
Follows Intermediate level courses.

This enriched course encourages students to improve their talent while exploring a blend of classic and contemporary styles. It is a dynamic program that challenges and inspires students through their own success. This performance oriented courses offer support and inspiration and develops self-confidence, while polishing the piano performance. Students are given the opportunity to perform for other students of the school and are also encouraged to perform solo in the year-end recital.

Individualized Instruction
Individual instructions are offered to students of any level.

These lessons are offered to meet the specific needs and to address each student’s interests, talent and ability.


Summer Programs
Bridge the gap between June and September and add a musical dimension to your child’s summer!

Put away the sunscreen for an hour each week and have a MUSICAL SUMMER! Complement your child’s summer with music programs specially designed to match the pace of summertime and the more joyful, festive feeling of your child. Don’t let the summer months pass you by-- summer is a great time to either start your child’s musical education or continue their enrichment. From a minimal time commitment to more extensive summer programs, we offer a wide range of summer classes that will help your child continue to enhance their music education and ensure continuity of learning.

Bring out the performer in your child in the Belle School of Music’s annual music recital!
Students perform in concerts at various times throughout the semesters. The school year culminates with a performance of the entire student body. Students train intensively for this concert.

Please call the Belle School of Music at(914) 961-5511
for more information on our programs.

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